- Help your users now -

Allow users to record their issues

Rather than having your users explain their issues, they can show you by recording their screen.

Save time debugging

Users will no longer have to type out long messages to your help desk; with a few clicks they will be able to send you a video of their issue.

View sessions

Share the end user's videos with your engineering team to increase insight to help improve your product.

- Screenshots -

- How we can help you -

Within minutes you can start providing your users with better user support. No longer will you have to go back and forth with your users in order to understand their issues.

Works with Intercom

Our screen recorder seamlessly integrates with Intercom, no additional set up required.

View previous sessions

You can review all your users previous sessions and discover trends.

Quick set up

With minimal effort from you, your users can start capturing their screens.


Simple documentation so you can set up and get going in a matter of minutes.

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